Social Media Saved The Life Of Shanna Moakler After Her Boyfriend’s Arrest

Shanna Moakler

There has been news that Matthew Rondeau, the on and off boyfriend of Shanna Moakler was arrested after abusing her on social media that went on and ended on his arrest. Shanna’s manager came on record and said to Page Six that he is thankful that people came forward and raised their voices against domestic violence.

He even added that Moakler is recovering from the dreadful incident and she is thankful to all her fans who stood beside her. The fans of Shanna Moakler’s came out with the video ‘Reaching out to Shanna’, as a result of which the video was instantly deleted by the police. 

Shanna Moakler, Recovering Gradually From The Trauma

As per reports of Us Weekly, the 42-year-old actress wanted space and was informed via her manager that she is fine and spending some quality time with her friends and family to return back to normalcy.

Her daughter, Alabama Barker, informed through her Instagram handle that she contacted her mother and she is fine and also spoke ill about Rondeau that he needs mental help. In the words of the LAPD, a complaint was lodged about a dispute at 8:17 a.m. at Shanna’s house and immediate steps were taken by the police and later on a charge of domestic violence was filed against Rondeau.

The fight between the two was going on for a long time where he claimed that Shanna Moakler was cheating on him on Instagram with many of her exes like Travis Barker. He even said that currently, he makes more money than her and all these arguments resulted in Shanna staying over at her neighbor’s place for the night. As per sources, Rondeau’s growing jealousy was due to the fact that Shanna was working in CBB and he suspected her to be getting close with Lamar Odom. After the show, they even declared that they are working to patch things up which of course did not work.