Social Security 2023: Do You Know When Your July Check Will Arrive?

social security

The initial round of stimulus payments, which fall under the Social Security umbrella, has already been made. After the recipients‘ birthday and Social Security have been verified, this July payment is anticipated to come the following week. By June 30, recipients of Supplemental Security Income got their stimulus cheques. 

Released is the July payment schedule for SSI or stimulus benefits. Before May 1997, Social Security recipients would get their payments by July 3rd. By July 12th, those whose birthdays fall between January 1 and October 10th will have received their Social Security benefits. 

Social Security Checks Are Available 

As per the SSDI’s schedule. Additionally, winners whose birthdays fall between July 21 and July 31 will get their money by July 26. Particularly to recipients whose birthdays fall between January 1 and October 10. 

People whose Social Security payments began before May 1997 follow a different schedule for payments and receive their stimulus checks on the first of every month. If a holiday or weekend falls on the scheduled payment date, the beneficiaries’ receipt of their funds will be automatically delayed. 

The SSDI has also instructed recipients to wait three days before contacting them if they weren’t given the stimulus checks on the specified dates. They must speak with a representative and get their problems resolved after three days. Taxpayers additionally need to complete Schedule 8812 in addition to Form 1040. This schedule is used to determine the amount of the child tax credit and, if available, the potential partial refund.

Taxpayers who electronically submitted their returns selected direct deposit for refunds and provided accurate information may have received their rebates by the end of February, according to the IRS. Utilize the IRS’s “Where’s My Refund” program.