The Weeknd Is Grateful For All The Criticism


The Weeknd has written an emotional letter on the conclusion of his well-known program The Idol.

The Weeknd, who in the acting world goes by the stage name Abel Tesfaye, took to Instagram to post a number of photos with the Idol cast and crew taken behind the scenes and to express his gratitude.

The singer for Blinding Lights penned: “The conclusion. No matter how difficult the road may be, keep pushing the vision. Along with Abel, Lily-Rose Depp, Johnny Depp’s daughter, also played a significant role in the program. The show’s daring narrative and graphic scenes led to a great deal of debate.

The Weeknd Is Happy With The Results

According to Entertainment Tonight, The Weeknd, speaking for himself, told Variety that he had already anticipated criticism and was not at all disturbed to embrace it. It’s almost instructive that this is a side effect of having enormous fame.  

You simply can’t know. However, it goes without saying that I’ve been blessed to surround myself with folks. Which is significant and a privilege. Sam Levinson, who co-created the sitcom, has drawn attention for its aggressively explicit sexual scenes and nudity. Depp addressed the issue during a press conference. And offered the following defense of the program: “I think what’s special about Jocelyn is precisely because she’s a born and bred actor.” Levinson offered another justification for the show, saying, “It’s amusing, I believe occasionally actions that might be radical take themselves too far. I believe that the world is heavily sexualized today.

Depp stated she wasn’t “excited in making something puritanical” in an interview for the Dec 2022/Jan 2023 issue of ELLE. She went on, “I think that this series is fearless, and that’s a project I’ve been very happy and glad to dive into. I’m not interested in doing anything that doesn’t challenge me. Or challenge other people, honestly.