Relishing Cheat Day, Sweet Tooth Cravings Feat. Hugh Jackman

hugh jackman

Three hundred sixty-four days of strict diet deserve a cheat day. Hugh Jackman dived into sweetness. He posted a photo on his Instagram, showing how lip-smacking all the dishes look. The Wolverine actor, 54, follows a strict diet that keeps him in shape. Excessive calories wouldn’t look good on Logan. Like any other celebrity, he avoids high-calorie food to keep his claws and six packs intact. And they devour one day, aka Cheat Day. Two types of waffles are here to satisfy Jackman. One sweet and the other savory. One can call it a waffle day. And an overflowing glass of milkshake.

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He doesn’t share food. And he didn’t let anyone take away his one day. Hugh Jackman mentioned in his caption that he didn’t share it with anyone.

He visited the waffle house in Norwich on Sunday. The great British baking show succeeded in breaking the strong will of Hugh Jackman. He posted those photos immediately after making his appearance on the show.

He also shared a bunch of snaps from the week he visited the set of The Great British Baking Show. In one photo, he wore a hat and a sunglass giving the cowboy vibes. Again, he looks like the father of a teenager who just found out his daughter is dating. Subtlness of Wolverine look.

Hugh Jackman, some wildlife snaps in his bunch and a flower, again with coyotes. Perhaps he is dropping hints for his upcoming grand entry at the famous baking show.

Many are excited to witness the Wolverine vs. Deadpool bake-off challenge.

Hugh Jackman recently went to a set of the baking show with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.