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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Hugh Jackman Focuses On Workout

Hugh Jackman has played the iconic Wolverine for over 17 years, and he’s ready to hang up those claws. But if Deadpool 3 happens? He’ll be back in no time! We have all the details on what’s next for Hugh Jackman, including a Deadpool reunion and a “romantic comedy” role.

Despite being ready to say goodbye to Wolverine, Hugh Jackman has one condition that would keep him from retiring from the character. If Deadpool 3 happens, he’ll be there with open arms.

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“I’ve said yes to [making another X-Men movie], but I’ve got this little thing called The Front Runner in a couple of weeks,” he told Digital Spy. “If Deadpool 2 only makes 10 bucks at the box office, I don’t know if they’ll let me do it.”

And it’s not just Jackman who is eager for more X-Men adventures: his co-star Patrick Stewart is also up for more mutant madness. “I’m happy for Hugh,” he told ScreenRant. “I think he’s earned the right to be able to say goodbye on his own terms… I hope that comes along soon.”

Hugh Jackman Deadpool Reveal

Hugh Jackman has said that he’s ready to close the book on Wolverine, but only under one condition: That Deadpool 3 happens.

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The star of the X-Men franchise and its spinoffs told Entertainment Weekly that he won’t play Logan again unless he can reprise his role as Wade Wilson/Deadpool in an upcoming sequel.

In case you missed it:Jackman’s “Wolverine” Transformation Takes 6 MonthsHow I’m Feeling About Hugh Jackman Leaving Wolverine Behind.

It’s crazy how much time has passed since we first saw him play Wolverine in 2000; it seems like just yesterday that I was watching him sing “A Whole New World” with Salma Hayek onscreen. That makes me feel old (and also kind of sad). But after spending 30 years in Hollywood—and having a child who is nearly 30 herself—Hugh can probably relate with feeling old himself sometimes too.

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