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Monday, February 6, 2023

Stimulus Check Comes To Your State

Stimulus Check has been offered by the States. The current covid situation in America does not look promising. The country has witnessed an alarming surge in covid cases. This surge has persisted over a couple of weeks. The death rate has also been higher. This has led to the speculation that another shutdown might be on the cards.

The possibility of a fourth stimulus check is highly unlikely. IRS has dispatched the third set of checks this month. Those were the last checks that were on offer from the government. There has been no news of any further monetary assistance from the federal government. The Child Tax Credit will continue till the end of the month. However, those payments cannot be called a stimulus check technically.

Stimulus Check Qualification Details

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The developing circumstances have made the citizens of America very much concerned. Many people could lose their job and others might suffer a significant cut in their salaries. This, the people of America look up to the government. Petitions have been signed in favor of another stimulus check. The States have decided to offer some sort of funding to the residents. Let us find out what to expect from each state. 

States like California were the first to announce assistance for their residents. Governor Gavin Newsom stated that Californians will be entitled to $600. Children will also be funded with $500. Apart from this check, teachers will receive an added boost of $1000 from the government. States like New Mexico, Florida, Tennessee also announced checks for their teachers. 

A petition has gained huge momentum recently. The petition can be viewed at the Change.Org website. It asks the government to provide monthly checks to the citizens. A sum of $2000 & $1000 has been requested by the bill for adults and students respectively. The bill asks for the provision for monthly payments to the citizens till the pandemic gets over. It states that the checks provided so far were insufficient to meet all the needs. More funding is required to save the people from bankruptcy. 

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