Kim Kardashian Talks About Her Baby Bar Failure And How It Brought North And Her Closer

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Kim Kardashian, the millionaire star of The Kardashians, recently discussed her experience taking the bar exam and failing it three times before passing with Vogue Italia. She also talked about how that affected her relationship with North West, her oldest daughter, who is 10 years old. Kim talked about the difficulties she had while pursuing a legal education and the difficult times she went through. In addition to sharing her experience, Kardashian revealed to the outlet that she and her daughter connected over their shared experience of feeling anxious before a big exam or test. 

North Could Relate To Kim Kardashian’s Failure

She talked about how it affected their mother-daughter bond and claimed that it brought them closer. In an exclusive conversation with the publication, Kardashian talked about the difficulties she had while getting ready for the bar test. She had previously been listed as having failed the exam three times until passing in December 2021. In addition to being glad that she passed the exam, Kardashian expressed happiness that the experience had brought her and her daughter North West closer. Kim Kardashian recently discussed how challenging it was to pass the baby bar test after three prior failures in an interview with Vogue Italia. 

She said that her daughter North West had supported her throughout the entire ordeal. Kim had a similar reaction when the interviewer mentioned that one of their favorite episodes to rewatch is the one where Kim passed her infant bar test. It was among her favorite episodes, she said to the interviewer. North West, who Kim Kardashian shares with her divorced husband Kanye West, has been a rock for her while she’s studied for the test, according to Kim Kardashian. She explained that her kid had witnessed her struggles and hadn’t quite understood why her celebrity mother was learning so much.