Meghan Trainor and Her Husband’s Excitement in Welcoming their Second Baby Boy

Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor, the singer, and her husband, the Spy Kids star, Daryl Sabara revealed the news of the arrival of their second baby son on Saturday, July 1, which also happens to be their 7th anniversary, through an Instagram post by the mother, Trainor. She posted a few images of the newborn, taken before doing her c-section, addressing him as Barry Bruce Trainor in the caption. She writes that he is born healthy with a body weight of 8lbz 7oz and they had a wonderful skin-to-skin time together after having done a successful c-section. 

The Glimpse of Celebration in Meghan Trainor’s Family

The comment section of Meghan Trainor’s post is overflowed with congratulatory comments from people including many celebrities like Chrissy Metz who showed some love in her comment. Mandy Moore also made a sweet gesture by commenting on her post. Then the exuberance is intensified by their elder son, Riley’s entry, a 2-year-old boy, who is very excited to have a sibling. Sabara had written in a post in June that Riley loved pointing to his pregnant mother’s baby bump and kissing it adorably. 

Sabara also says that, unlike the last time of Meghan Trainor’s pregnancy with Riley, she did not have to go through any complications like gestational diabetes this time, and she is doing fine. The actor’s husband also praises the wife by commenting that she is a superwoman and he is in awe of her incredible woman power. They both spoke to the members of PEOPLE and expressed their heartfelt gratitude to luck by saying that they are immensely happy to be four. Trainor also told that these kids would bring out the best version of her and her anticipation of that life is beyond explication.