Meghan Trainor Expecting Second Baby: Reveals Her Cute Baby Bump

Meghan Trainor

In the latest celebrity video focussed on a pregnancy, Meghan Trainor revealed a cute 18-week baby bump as she danced to The Baby Momma Dance song with pal Chris Olsen and her first child, Riley. She was celebrating being halfway through the 2nd pregnancy while showing off a new and changed figure.

On January 28, she teased a ‘secret’ on social media. And a day later the pop star revealed that she was expecting her second child this summer with Daryl Sabara, the father of her first child. She exclaimed that she was pregnant. She was speaking at an interview on Today and added that it was a great surprise.

Meghan Trainor Revealed Her Second Pregnancy During The Release Of Her Book

Meghan Trainor and Daryl have come to know the child’s gender but said that they will reveal the news to their TikTok viewers. Meghan Trainor’s representatives have not spoken up about the issue and have kept their silence.

The latest of the videos which were focused exclusively on her pregnancy and released on February 9 shows Meghan Trainor dancing to The Bay Momma Dance. In the video, she is seen caressing her growing baby bump.

In her caption, Meghan Trainor wrote that she had never done this when she was carrying her first child.  She expressed surprise that she was almost halfway through her journey. Trainor and Sabara were married back in December 2018 in a cherished ceremony in the backyard of their LA home.

In her appearance on Today, Meghan Trainor also revealed that she had written a whole book when she was pregnant with her first child Riley, Dear Future Mama, the pop star hopes that the book will help other women navigate through a pregnancy. Trainor admitted that she felt totally alone when she was expecting her first child during the long months of isolation during the pandemic.