Daughter Of Sofia Coppola, Romy Has Been Grounded

Sofia Coppola

Nepo babies are no different from us! The 16-year-old Romy, daughter of Sofia Coppola who is an acclaimed filmmaker threw light on an unrelatable but still hilarious TikTok when she had been grounded in an attempt to hire a helicopter using the credit card of her musician dad Thomas Mars.

Romy began her TikTok by asking her viewers to accompany her in making pasta with vodka sauce since she has been grounded on grounds of endeavoring to hire a chopper on her father’s credit card because she wanted to travel from New York all the way to Maryland to dine in with her friend from camp and after the video got all the funnier.

Romy, Daughter Of Sofia Coppola Reveals Facts Making A Funny TikTok

The teen Romy in the video further revealed that she was clueless about the basic difference between an onion and garlic so she had to look up Google pictures of onions. She also claimed that the admission has embarrassed her. Also, she thought of making pasta because she has already been grounded, and her parents’ most important rule is to not give allowance for owning a public account on social media. 

Daughter of Sofia Coppola, Romy then holds up the Grammy which was won by Mars with his band French indie pop in 2010 explaining why. Romy added her mother, Sofia Coppola, and father have no interest in making a nepotism kid and she had to insist to them that TikTok will not be making her famous which means that it should not matter much.

Romy then held up something like a shallot asking her viewers if she has been holding an onion. Since she feels that the object does not appear like onions but appears like some inner works of… and the camera got cut even before she could complete her views. However, the caption which came with the video concluded her statement with the word balls-k.