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State Stimulus Check: Special Groups Benefit From States’ Efforts

Even as the likelihood of a 4th stimulus check fades, several states have got into the act and contributed their brand of stimulus checks. They have generally supported specific groups even as federal support dries up.

The enhanced unemployment aid dried up in the first week of September. And with it, 9 million Americans across the nation lost their last source of funding with unemployment figures showing no signs of coming back to normal. Unemployment remained high at 5.2%, way above the pre-pandemic figure of 3.5%.

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The federal scene is one unholy mess with legislators on both sides of the divide agreeing to disagree on every issue. They continue to have issues with everything from the climate to repeated financial aid for the people affected by the pandemic.

More than a dozen states have begun their version of the stimulus check. They have tried to send immediate financial aid to their residents. It has been even in the form of bonuses and incentives.

Only 13 American States Have Come Up With A State Stimulus Check

Arizona has started a Back to Work initiative that promises a stimulus check of $2,000 only to workers who got a full-time job this year from May 13 to September 6. Connecticut has also provided stimulus checks of up to $1,000 for joining the workforce.

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California was among the first states to go for their own Golden State Stimulus. The second edition of this stimulus check for all will earn residents $600 if their income is below $75,000.

Florida and Georgia have given a check of up to $1,000 to teachers and various first responders.  Michigan was the third state to recognize the contribution of teachers with a $500 hazard-pay bonus. Oklahoma gave student teachers, a normally neglected lot, a stipend of $3,250. The check will be paid in two installments. 

Texas is also offering a multi-year stimulus check to inspire teachers to stick to their jobs. Additionally, Denton is offering teachers $500 as a retention bonus, while Irving ISD has been more generous at $2,000.

New Jersey sent a check of a maximum of $500 for married couples earning $150,000 or less. Individuals with children also got the check with an income threshold of $75,000. New Mexico gave around 6,339 residents with low income a one-time stimulus check of $750 if they have not received a federal check.

New York State set aside $2.1B for undocumented workers and residents ineligible for unemployment support under the Excluded Workers Fund. Recipients with income below $26,208 in the tax year 2020 will a maximum amount of $15,600.

Tennessee will be giving out a $1,000 stimulus check to school employees and half that amount to part-timers. Other than these 13 states, no other state has yet come up with their plays. Each state has offered assistance to issues it considered in need of immediate attention. More state checks could follow.

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