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17 States Are Sending Out Stimulus Check: Can You Get Them Next?

Some states are taking the matter into their own hands in response to record inflation because there is little immediate help from the federal government. In the upcoming months, payments to taxpayers will be paid to—or have already been sent—seventeen states.

These payouts are substantially more targeted than previous pandemic relief efforts, and the majority offer significantly lower financial amounts. That isn’t a result of governments becoming more frugal. Instead, it aims to assist Americans in coping with price increases without escalating inflation.

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The state and federal governments intend to provide taxpayers with assistance in a world of rising prices in the following ways.

States That Have Approved Stimulus Check:

California: Couples filing jointly and earning less than $150,000 yearly will benefit from $700 of stimulus check under California’s proposed budget. Individual taxpayers whose income falls within this ceiling will receive $350.

Colorado: This summer, Colorado will issue stimulus check totaling $750 to single filers and $1,500 to joint filers. Residents of Colorado who turned 18 or older and submitted their 2021 statewide income tax return are qualified for the payout for the entire 2021 tax year. To combat fraud, they are only actual checks will be sent.

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Delaware: Delaware began delivering $300 “relief rebate” payments to taxpayers who submitted their 2020 state tax return in May. Due to a budget excess, a one-time payment is available. Couples who file jointly will each receive $300.

Florida: As a part of the Department of Children and Families’ Hope Florida—A Pathway to Prosperity program, some Florida people with kids will receive a one-time payment of $450 for each child.

Hawaii: Gov. David Ige suggested in January that every taxpayer in Hawaii receive a tax rebate. Taxpayers who make less than $100,000 a year would receive $300 of stimulus check, while those who make more would receive $100. The reimbursement is also available to dependents.

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