‘It Just Wasn’t Working,’ Said Eric McCormack And Steven Weber Of Their Previous TV Firings

Eric McCormack

Steven Weber and Eric McCormack were among the few of the most popular names in primetime television in the 1990s and 2000s, but they had to overcome a lot of setbacks to get to where they are now. The actors speak exclusively to us about when they had been let go from their workplaces before earning their star-making roles on the sitcoms from NBC which includes Wings and Will & Grace. 

All of them one way or another kept getting fired from a reality show around the same time, says Eric McCormack, 60. He further added that he had been fired from the very first episode of the 1997 Jenny McCarthy-starring show.

Eric McCormack And Steven Weber Are Grateful For Their Long Friendship 

No one else has stepped in to play that part and thus the role itself had to be removed from the program, hence he says he never got to know the reason he was fired. 

But one year down the line, on the same night we filmed the W&G pilot, Warren Littlefield, the ex-president of NBC Entertainment, approached me and asked if he was glad he had been fired. In reply, Weber, 62, says that he had been let go from a show where his partner had been Julianne Moore. The producer then told him that it was because his character would have died. However, he feels that his performance has been quite terrible. These kinds of tales are what motivated lifelong friends to start their podcasts. Each episode of the show Eating Out with Eric & Steve has the duo sitting down to dinner with a variety of well-known figures. He and Eric McCormack, he says, have been friends for a very long time, and it has been a terrific medium for casual conversation, says Weber. It was during these times when discussion flows most naturally and occasionally veers off into clever, idiotic, or silly material that is quite listenable at all times.