No Stimulus Check? Here Are 3 Ways To Boost Your Income

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

According to reports, the ARPA money has already been handed out through the first three rounds of stimulus checks, which should total $3,200 per 169 million or so Americans, has been broken down. However, money has already been spent, millions of Americans are still in debt, and the expansion of the Omicron variation is causing fresh economic headwinds.  

Stimulus Check’s Absence Can Be Covered By Hustling

According to the research, a quarter of Americans struggled to pay their household bills in the preceding week, according to a December Census poll. Since no stimulus checks are coming your way, you can try and increase your income. Here are three ways to do so.

  1. Negotiate a raise

Companies have a tough time hiring new employees and retaining them. Given the situation of the work market, your employers may be ready to give you a raise.

However, do your research before asking for a raise. Check to see how much your job post pays on average, and then present your offer to your boss.

  1. Improve your skills to get promoted

Employers may be hesitant to give you an increase for no apparent reason. You can always add to your skill-set and get a promotion. Study the aptitudes required for the job higher up and then set about to gain them. You could ask your friends and colleagues to give you advice and information that you may require.

  1. Start hustling on the side

If you are not happy with how much your employer pays you, you can start a side hustle. It will be a second income that you may or may not continue. The extra money can be invested or used to pay bills. You can start as a delivery person since they have flexible schedules and then slowly increase your hours.

While the economy has improved, the unemployment rate – 4.2 percent – is still higher than the pre-pandemic level of 3.5 percent. According to the report, this statistic translates to almost 2.3 million fewer people working now than before the epidemic. Your side hustle will provide more money than the stimulus check.