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Stimulus Check: Will The Delta Strain Pave Way For A Fourth?

Stimulus Check Payments for the third round have already been disbursed by IRS. Millions of Americans have found financial steadiness with the checks. There are still heavy demands for the fourth round of payments. The government did not seem keen on any such funding. However, the wave of Delta Strain might make Joe Biden‘s government reconsider the decision. 

Stimulus Check To Provide For Delta Strain Damages?

The pandemic does not seem to get over. As everyone expected it to fade away, the cases just started going up. The Delta Strain has wreaked havoc in the US. The economy had just started to bounce back. With the advent of the new strain, fears of the economy going down is palpable. 

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Orders have been passed yet again for wearing masks indoors. The cases have risen alarmingly. The US has recorded one of the highest rates of COVID infections. Orange County is one of the worst affected areas with Delta Strain. A crisis has been declared in the area. The hospitals and medical facilities are reported to be full of patients. 

Such circumstances have reignited the possibility of a fourth Stimulus Check. Earlier, the government provided funding to families in various spheres. Childcare, broadband, unemployment, and various other fields were covered. People used their funding to pay off their debts. Some of them added the amount to their savings. The aids provided the much-needed financial solidity. 

Stimulus Check demands were on a high. People claimed to be paid $2000 monthly to cope up with the expenses. However, Congress did not seem interested in considering the demands. With the rising scenario of the Delta strain, the death rates are feared to go up. The economy is also feared to take a blow. These circumstances can pave the gateway to the much anticipated fourth check.

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