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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Stimulus Check Update: 92,000 New Yorkers Have Already Received Payment

According to reports, 92,000 immigrant workers who had previously not qualified for the stimulus check payments have qualified in full. This has allowed them to be a part of the Excluded Workers Fund, after not qualifying for the CARES Act and the American Rescue Plan. Incidentally, it has been just a few weeks since the state of New York has decided to accept the many applications it gets for stimulus payments that have been aimed at delivering direct aid payments to most immigrant workers. 

Currently, quite a few advocacy groups have been calling on the state to push through more money to this stimulus check fund. At the pace it is going, it is definitely going to exhaust $2.1 billion which the state received from the federal government to alleviate the suffering of the people in the state. The advocates in the state of New York have mentioned that there should be an addition of $1.4 billion to this- in order to meet the huge demand for these government payments

Will All Eligible Workers Receive The Stimulus Check Money Even If It Runs Out?

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The state of New York currently expects that almost 300,000 immigrant workers would be qualifying for part of the stimulus check payments. This value has always been expected to vary according to the applicant who applied for it. But the state later realized almost all of the 92,000 immigrant workers who previously applied for the stimulus payments did qualify for the full value. 

This implies that almost $15,600 stimulus check payments will be going out to quite a large number of residents. In total, almost 223,500 claims have already been submitted- which entails that around 100,000 would still need to be processed.

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