Stimulus Check: What Other Alternatives Are Available?

stimulus checks

Stimulus Check has seen its rise like a meteor. There have been several proposals made to the government. Petitions have been launched and letters have been produced. Some of the politicians too questioned the need for another round of checks. 

The online petition initiated by a restaurant owner in Colorado gathered a lot of momentum. The proposal made in the bill was quite simple. It asked the government to provide a sum of $2000 to each of the Americans. The federal government had provided a series of three checks to selected Americans earlier. 

This petition aimed at abolishing the eligibility criteria. The favorable claims of the petition made the petitions an instant hit among the citizens. It gathered close to 3million signatures. This online petition can be viewed at the Change.Org website. 

However, despite these claims, the government seemed uninterested. The possibility of a fourth stimulus check is almost null. There are, however, some alternative options that the citizens can opt for. Let us learn more about them below. 

Stimulus Check Money For You 

Alternative options seem to be the only way out for the Americans at the moment. Many households are still struggling to find a strong foothold. Some alternative checks can lighten up the mood. 

Child Tax Credit is scheduled to be delivered in December. Families with children under seven years will receive $300. Those between the age range of seven to seventeen will be given a sum of $250. The federal government provides a huge $46.6b fund to aid the rent defaulters. A large percentage of money is still up for grabs. Eligible citizens must apply for it right now. 

Stimulus Checks for food workers have been announced by the Agricultural Department of the USA. A provision of $10b is available to help individuals struggling with housing loans and mortgage repayments.