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Stimulus Check Update: Another One On The Way?

It should come as no surprise that the stimulus check payments have definitely helped millions of Americans in this pandemic. The pandemic is still running strong- nearly 17 months after the economy took a nosedive. The newest variant of the virus- the Delta variant- has started increasing the case numbers amongst those that haven’t been vaccinated yet. Incidentally, this rise in numbers comes even when the economic conditions are slowly improving- which, unsurprisingly, will put a stop to the recovery. 

Nevertheless, there are still some citizens who have been waiting for yet another stimulus check. While the unemployment rate hasn’t yet fallen to levels that were present pre-pandemic, progress is still gradual. Unfortunately, over half of the states have also done away with the federal unemployment bonus early. Millions of citizens remain short of food and are way behind on their bills. This implies that the supposed economic recovery hasn’t hit the entire country equally- which is why some of them have held onto their hopes of another stimulus package

Economic Recovery For Some Through Stimulus Check

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Stimulus check payments were always intended to ease the stress of COVID- which would also support the American economy. The third round of stimulus payments started way back in March- which was due to the American Rescue Plan- instituted by President Joe Biden. Since then, around 169 million people have received a sum of $1,400 each- which has a total amount of $422 billion. The checks from the ARP did follow the early payments of $600 from January- which came almost nine months after the $1,200 payments. 

Something the pandemic has deliberately highlighted is the growing disparity across the economy as a whole. While there have been many households that have received the stimulus check payment- which in turn alleviated their condition, there have been many that have been going through a far tougher time.

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