Stimulus Check Update- Another Payment Is Coming

stimulus checks

Most legislators have been mulling over another stimulus check payment in the state of California as they have been given a massive budget surplus. The debates have taken place after Republican State Senator Brian Jones recently made a case for a lot more tax rebates.

A video was released virtually- which showed Jones using rice grains to highlight and break down the surplus that the state currently has- which as of last month- stands at an impressive $45.7 billion. The Senator went on to explain that if every single rice grain was $100,000, this would mean that the $45 billion surplus that California has with itself its taxes that have been over-collected by this much.

California Might Be Receiving Another Stimulus Check 

Jones further mentioned that the amount was more than enough to provide every single resident of California a tax rebate of $1,125 or a stimulus check payment of $4,000 for a family of four people. The report claimed that more stimulus payments were definitely a possibility since the surplus was quite likely to exceed the constitutional limit of the state which has been called the Gann Limit. 

This quite essentially restricts the amount of tax revenue that the state of California would be able to spend while giving legislators options on what to do with the funds that have been left over- which includes giving it back to the legislators in the form of a stimulus check rebate. Goes without saying, some individuals could definitely do with a stimulus payment, but it is going to do little to help them out as most of the individuals in the state have been struggling due to inflation. 

The state has already been dealing with increasing costs across the board for the last few months, and it is getting progressively harder for families that have already been struggling to stay afloat. It has also caused massive struggles in those families which previously didn’t have any issues, to begin with- as they have to pay extra to avail services. In light of that, it is undetermined how much would a stimulus check of $1,400 help the population.