Stimulus Check Update: Are You Eligible For $10,000?

stimulus check
stimulus check

With no stimulus check in sight, it has been reported that anyone struggling to pay their basic rent would qualify for a sum of $10,000. Around $25 billion dollars was approved by Washington last December in order to assist Americans who were struggling to make up for their missed rent payments.

Another budget worth $21.55 billion soon succeeded the previous one in March as a major part of the American Rescue Plan. This was entirely different from the third stimulus payment worth $1,400. But the Department of Treasury reported the previous year that only $10 billion of the payments were made out. 

In August 2021, the Biden administration went about enforcing an eviction ban but the proposal got shafted. This implied that landlords would be able to start evicting their tenants when they failed to pay their rents. Now, while most states have been offering some support in the form of a stimulus check payment to help their tenants out, one needs to apply for the same. 

Who Gets stimulus Check Rental Assistance And How Do You Apply?

In order to avail the stimulus check assistant, one needs to be both behind on their rents as well as they need to have suffered enough financial hardship as a result of the pandemic. Most states have different local income requirements that one needs to meet. Usually, the income of the household should not be exceeding the median income by 80%. The state of New York would require you to get unemployment benefits or prove that you have a lower income. 

The stimulus check amount you receive would also depend on the situation that you are in, as well as where you live. Federally, people would be able to receive up to 18 months of help- one that would work to pay for current and overdue rent. Whether you receive the full 18 months would be up for the state to decide. As of now, New Jersey only offers the payment of $10,000 over a span of 6 months.