Stimulus Check: Beneficiaries Of Social Security To Get Money?

stimulus check
stimulus check

Stimulus Check money is requested by the whole of America. Citizens have vociferously asked for the provision of more money. The rising levels of the pandemic have made them feel insecure. They are thus looking up to the government.

However, the federal government does not seem to be interested at all. The government is more focused on passing the bipartisan bill. They believe that the bill would provide the much-needed aid America needs. Unfortunately, a lot of controversies have surrounded the infrastructure bill. It has faced staunch opposition from the Republicans. 

The United States Of America has recorded an alarmingly high level of covid infections lately. The ministry of health has advised the citizens to follow all covid safety measures. This has led the people to fear another shutdown. Citizens of America, especially senior citizens, are facing extreme difficulties. 

The country is dealing with acute unemployment turmoil. Most of the citizens are without a job. Such circumstances have compelled the citizens to ask for stimulus payments. A recent group of people has come up with the request to aid elders. They are rooting for a $1400 check to aid the senior citizens of the country. Let us learn more about the petition below. 

Stimulus Check For Elders Unlikely

The Social Security Recipients have demanded a stimulus check from the federal government. They have asked for a sum of $1400.The ongoing pandemic has left most of the households in tatters. Most of the citizens have lost their jobs and many others are struggling to make their living.

The rising inflation is expected to shoot up the prices of essentials sky-high. Rick Delaney is the Chairman of the group. He asked the federal government to provide money to the Social Security recipients. However, a positive response from the government seems very much unlikely.