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Stimulus Check Bonus Updates: Is There A Fourth?

Stimulus Check has a huge question on it. Will it be disbursed for the fourth time? Thousands of people are claiming a fourth set from the government. Petitions have been signed-in demand of further aids. This petition contained a huge number of signatures that make this a strong case. Recently, news of a $2500 fourth Stimulus Check had been doing the rounds. Later it was found to be fake. Let us look at some of the alternative payment options that might help people. 

Stimulus Check 4 Ruled Out?

The possibility of a further check is still not ruled out by the government. Joe Biden said he is open to any suggestions. However, apart from a further set of checks, Americans can probably benefit from the following payments. 

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The third set of payments has already been rolled out by the IRS. Over 2million citizens have benefitted from the money. The IRS also sent added amounts to certain people. Some people did not qualify for the full amount due to 2019 returns. Once they got qualified after 2020 files, the difference amount was sent to them.

The government has also promised to extend the Child Tax Credit campaign. This program has an estimated value of $14.8b. Every eligible family is supposed to receive an average of $423. This initiative provided a monthly  $250 for children within 6-17 & $300 for kids under 6. The credit for caring for the child has been increased to $3600 from $2000. Children within 6years and 17years will be qualified to receive them. A sum of $3000 will be given for the welfare of child care to children under 5years. 

Stimulus Check provided great financial relief. It is also said to contribute to the bouncing back of the US economy. The question of a fourth check lies completely in the hands of Congress. We have to wait and watch how things unfold. 

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