Stimulus Check Update: California Comeback Plan

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Stimulus Checks have been announced for the residents of California. Governor Gavin Newsom has initiated the program. This initiative is expected to benefit almost all Californians. It is a $100b bill that will provide a sum of $600 to the people. The program was signed on 12th July.

Stimulus Check For California Announced

If you are a resident of California, you should be on the seventh heaven by now. The state has announced a fourth Stimulus Check for all of its residents. The governor announced a plethora of findings. This will help the state flourish amidst pandemics.  

This billion-dollar proposal provided $600 funding to the local people. Individuals earning under $75000 per year will be eligible. Families with annual earnings within $150,000 will receive the stimulus. Apart from them, unregistered families were also entitled to receive a sum of $500. Relief of 2.5 billion dollars has also been designed. This will provide much-needed respite for individuals with moderate income. People who are struggling with their rent issues will benefit from this plan.

The Comeback plan also provides $2b for the citizens who cannot pay for their water and other necessities. Low-scale businesses are also expected to get a boost from this plan. Newsom stated that California will be creating history. It will provide for the highest credit amount for its citizens. Newsom also had plans to lure big businessmen into the state. 

However, this decision has faced criticism as well. Jerry Brown is the Previous Governor of California. He criticized the move by teaming it luxury. He thought that there was no need for added fundings for the people. The money should be utilized in disaster management. He lashed at Gavin Newsom saying that he was spending a lot of unnecessary money. 

Stimulus Check for the Americans still seems unlikely. However, the people of California can rejoice. The promised checks are expected to be rolled out from 1st September.