Stimulus Check 2023: California Setting The Social Bar High With Their Creative Stimulus Check

stimulus check

It’s California again. They never run out of ideas to help their residents in any way. Again they have come up with a creative way to send out stimulus check. When the federal government runs out of checks to help its citizens. California was the first one to step up the game. They started sending out middle-class tax refunds during the inflation. Even post-inflation there was an inflation relief fund available for them. Less than two weeks left for those lucky 30 recipients to receive checks for the 18 months.

What Type Of Stimulus Check This State Is Issuing?

Queer organization and DAP health joint initiative selected 30 people for this type of stimulus check. They are sending $800 for the next 18 months.

Not everyone can qualify for this check. Selected people qualify and they earn $16,600 a year.

This check would act like a monthly income. It’s starting on 15th May. The application process started on 15 March and continued till 25th March.

Those 30 selected candidates are required to participate in a queer study. There will be monthly surveys. 

Next year in 2024 December they are expected to present the final report.

All the selected candidates are required to be clients of Queer Works or DAP health organizations.

They must belong to palm springs or at least be considered as the primary residents.

The stimulus check is made from the donations of those palm springs residents.

They called it a universal basic income. This is set at $500,000. Those checks will be made from this only.

Apart from this, there are other programs available for residents. They are also sending out stimulus check worth $500.