Lindsie Chrisley Crushed All The Rumors

lindsie chrisley

Julie and Todd Chrisley are currently serving time in prison separately. The daughter, Lindsie Chrisley, went to see her father in April before his birthday. However, she hasn’t been to see her mother yet. Especially critics have been pointing out how she has been irresponsible towards her mother.

Granny Chrisley burst out all the rumors. She further mentioned. Things in prison have worked in a certain way.

Julie Chrisley put them on the list. To visit her in FMC Lexington. It’s not Lindsie avoiding her duties to meet her mother. She spilled the tea on her own podcast The Southern Tea.

Lindsie Chrisley’s Own Podcast Thrown Her Off The Track

The 33 years old struggled with untrue rumors. It sparked after her last podcast session. People have been tweeting how Lindsie Chrisley is avoiding meeting her own mother.

She further clarified she has been dealing with this whole thing since January. These rumors just have gaslighted her pain.

They have been very triggering and affected her mental health.

There is a list the prison goes through before allowing a family member to meet. Lindsie Chrisley’s mother put her on the list. Like everyone, she thought it was her next in line to meet. However, that’s not how things are working on their behalf.

Lindsie Chrisley last spoke to her mother on the day she was leaving for prison and surrendered. It’s been very difficult for the children, especially for her. She is very close to her mother. Given all the circumstances she had to fight Herself not to cry and break down.

Last week she spoke to her. Julie Chrisley is serving time in Kentucky. They exchange emails. Lindsie further mentioned how she eagerly waits for emails. Those emails are very late to reach.

Lindsie Chrisley’s grandma mentioned how her son gets email fast enough compared to her daughter-in-law.

Emails don’t reach her on time. She usually writes a bunch of questions. Lindsie Chrisley usually tries to answer them all.

Sometimes things get difficult.