Nick Cannon Fills In For Jamie Foxx

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Beat Shazam will have an uncommon face for the first time. The only unscripted musical show going through a crisis. Jamie Foxx has been unwell for a month already. Since 11th April. His daughter is taking care of him. While Nick Cannon takes care of his work. He said it’s his responsibility to support his friend in the time of crisis.

On behalf of the Foxx family, Corinne Foxx has shared a statement regarding his father’s health. The statement included thanking Nick Cannon for jumping in. The fans won’t miss a chance for laughter.

Jamie Foxx’s Twitter Flooded With Best Wishes

He has been facing some health-related issues. Jamie Foxx’s daughter confirmed his condition. He has been under good care. He is already on the path to recovery.

Fans and friends have flooded his Twitter wall with good wishes.

His daughter Corinne Foxx thanked everyone in her recent statement. Also updated the fans and the world with her father’s recovery journey. How fast he has been healing.

In this delicate time, the Foxx family needs privacy.

Beat Shazam has been going on unscripted for the last six years. Jamie Foxx has been hosting it.

Since he has gone into the hospital people have been sending him prayers and wishes.

His battle is unknown to people. Only his close friends and families are aware of his condition.

Steve Harvey, Martin Lawrence, LeBron James, and many more had shared their thoughts.

Tracy Morgan has said Jamie Foxx is strong. He is gonna come out of this phase even stronger.

He is going to get better. She sent her prayer for him.

Oscar winner Jamie Foxx has been battling with critical medical conditions for a long time now.