Reel And Real Madonna Together


Julia Garner has been specifically asked by Madonna to do her biopic. Her biopic is on hold for significant reasons. However, they are not leaving slim chances for the fan not to be excited.

They show up together now at the parties and lunches. Julia Garner was her personal choice. She announced it last June. She shares photos on Instagram with cool captions. Her posts are usually shared by millions within minutes. Fans eagerly wait for photos to pop up.

The queen herself is producing the biopic.

The Madonna Madness

Madonna is 64 although she now has a new best friend who is the reel, Madonna. They usually hang out together. Recently they showed up at Steven Klein’s birthday party. A professional filmmaker and passionate photographer. He is a friend of hers now Julia Garner’s too. They have worked together on various projects.

She posted a photo of her and Julia together. She gave a cheesy caption ‘ We are Madonna bitches’.

The universal pictures have paused the shooting process with the biopic. Therefore the movie is on hold. 

Her movie will come out eventually. However, there is no surety when. Madonna is currently busy with her world tour which is supposed to end on 2024 January.

She wrote her own movie’s script which was done in October 2021.

The movie was confirmed in 2020 where she mentioned her journey. How things took a toll on her. How things have shaped her as an artist.

Music has been her survival guide. And as an artist, art kept her alive. There are many things the world isn’t expecting but that’s included in the film. Her experience and everything she has been through.