Madonna Claims To Be Caught Dead Amidst Misogyny and Ageism


Madonna shares her great grievance with the glare down her throat that she has been experiencing ever since her appearance at Grammys. In a specific post, she mentions how the world stops celebrating women after a certain age like 45. 

Madonna Presented Grammys To The First Ever Transgender Woman To Perform 

Madonna finally opens up about her recent experience at this year’s Grammy Awards, her appearance sure did raise a buzz, and here’s why- On Tuesday night the popular single hit artist posted her most favorable moments from the biggest music night. The singer shared a frame alongside Sam Smith and Cardi B, also the evening ended with R&B singer and platinum songwriter Jozzy sharing an NSFW kiss with her. New additions were also marked into the risque footage with the debut of DJ Honey Dijon and Ab-Soul.

The caption talked about Madonna opening up for introducing Kim Petras and Smith, both artists in their 30’s performing their latest hit ‘Unholy’ on Sunday evening. This glorious evening also witnessed its first-ever trans woman taking the stage for an event.

The Madame X singer shared how blessed she felt to be able to introduce Sam Smith and Kim Petras on the stage of the Grammys. Madonna who’s hitting off 64 added that initially, she had another historic moment in mind that she wished she could be a part of. She continued off to say that she wished to have given away the last award for ‘Album of the Year’ but felt that presenting the first ever transgender woman on stage for performing was way more important than that also top of that she got a Grammy. 

Kim Petras won in the category of best pop duo/group performance alongside Sam Smith, this was marked as a historical attribute in the events of Grammys.