Kate Nash Shows Exclusive Pics From The Canceled Season Of ”Glow”

Kate Nash
Kate Nash

Kate Nash disclosed having second thoughts on the scripts of the first few episodes of GLOW’s season four, the show never came to air as it got canceled in the last fall of 2020.

Kate Nash Offering Us A Peek Into What Would Season 4 Of The Glow Looked Like

Kate Nash who formerly starred in the Netflix series Rhonda ‘Britannica’ Richardson shared a carousel of pictures from behind the curtains scenes on her Twitter this Monday.

Amongst a pair of those snaps, the 35-year-old star could be seen dressed in a mermaid costume. The picture was shared alongside cast member Ella Wong also known widely as Jenny Chey ‘The Fortune Cookie’ who served in a conservative librarian kinda look.

Other pictures showcased the casting team posing at the insides of the boxing rink which is well surrounded by bright pink ropes whilst they sat in there wearing some really flashy pink bleachers. Below the snap the caption read- unseen Glow’s season tagging Netflix into the statement. Kate Nash said to be going down memory lane stating that she was having a moment and wishes not to let anyone interrupt that. 

In a followed up tweet Nash added a pruny comment telling how their ropes have never been pinker. A fan comment read how besotted the fandom is not being able to catch a glimpse of the season that could never come to happen but at least they caught a sneak of the unaired GLOW series. 

Kate Nash responded by agreeing that she indeed was looking for more than a few of those photos of the fourth season of GLOW. She continued to say that she shares the same feeling as she went through her found a script from the first three episodes of the show.