Amber Rose Opens Up About Her Only Fans With Kiddo Sebastian

Amber Rose
Amber Rose

During Amber Rose’s guest appearance on the podcast of Emily Ratajkowski, the mom of two spoke up about her discussion with little 9-year-old Sebastian regarding her line of work in OnlyFans

No Topic Should Remain Under The Blanket According To Amber Rose

The actress and model figure Amber Rose was invited to Tuesday’s telecast of ‘High Low with EmRata’, a podcast by Emily Ratajkowski. Where the discussions pinned down on Rose having ‘the’ serious conversations with her soon-to-be-hitting 10-year-old son Sebastian. 

The 40-year-old TV personality was quick to answer that there’s nothing to be scared of as such. Amber Rose explained that if these kids refrained from learning about these things then they will just go to TikTok or Instagram to learn about them. 

She brought out a harsh reminder to Ratajkowski that she’s famous and it’s quite evident that by the age his son reaches 5, he will start googling off his mother’s name so it’s important to have these conversations early in hand. 

Amber Rose confronted that she does not hold back while speaking with Seabastian which includes her course of time over OnlyFans. The mom opened up about how on a day during the pandemic lockdown her son got told about her OnlyFans by someone. She knew she had to work so she had a whole conversation regarding the instance with him. 

Rose explained how ignorant the kid must be who came up to him with that, it’s quite evident that he got a hang of it from his parents…she ended up clarifying the whole ordeal. She continued to say that women in order to provide for their families have to do the needful and you just have to let them be. Amber Rose was quite diligent and sensitive whilst handling the issue she told Sebastian that mommy needs to earn in order to afford some nice school or Universal, Six Flags, Travel Expenses, etc.