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Stimulus Check: A Christmas Surprise Is Coming For Some Residents In This City

Several hundred Atlanta students are in line for a huge surprise stimulus check for the holidays. The check can be worth as much as $6,300 and the recipients should be getting it before December 15th, latest.

The Stimulus Check To Aid With Student Debt

The stimulus checks are being issued after alarms were raised recently regarding student debt. In the US, student debt has just about exceeded a whopping $1.7Tn. As such, one Atlanta school is going to do all it can to make the lives of its students easier by reducing the financial burden.

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The school that is giving the stimulus checks is the Morehouse School of Medicine. They are offering students a grant worth $6300. Some of the students are popularly calling it a stimulus check for the holidays, quite appropriately.

Doctor Valerie Montgomery Rice, the president of the school, issued an email informing the students about the bonus cash. She sent it out on Wednesday and explained how the student can use this fresh injection of cash.

In the email, she wrote that she was happy to announce the $6300 financial gift from Morehouse School of Medicine. The cash will go out to all of their degree-seeking and currently enrolled students in their costs regarding mental health support, financial, and additional academic. It can also help with healthcare, housing, transportation, food, and childcare needs. There are over 750 students enrolled in the school.

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The school said that the money was from the nation’s first relief package for the pandemic. It was issued by Donald Trump, the former president, in 2020 March. The law had originally contained $14Bn for students and colleges in the US. In January, the administration had added a further $21.2Bn.

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