Stimulus Check: Rumours Of Comeback Of Child Tax Credit

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Stimulus Check

There can be a reboot in one of the existing popular stimulus checks. The Covid-19 pandemic is making the general population suffer for the last two years and is crippling the economy. Meanwhile, Congress has agreed to approve the expected stimulus checks to the Americans. However, the Rescue Plan of America prevented officials of Congress and the White House to take any actions regarding the direct payment of stimulus checks. 

Good News For The Americans, With The New Stimulus Check

In spite of the stagnation of work in Washinton, the Americans still fought against the health crisis and pressures of high-inflammatory which caused huge damage to the hardworking, ordinary people. In the reports of, Sen. Mitt Romney proposed that the child tax credit will be brought back. This was considered as the unofficial fourth stimulus check. 

In the initial days of the pandemic, the majority of the people got a stimulus check of $300 for each child as a part of the 2021 tax credit. However, the stimulus checks for the upcoming year were not approved by Congress and though Biden wanted an extension in the child tax credit in 2022, he failed. 

The Family Security Act proposed by Romney, mentions that children up to 5 years of age would get $350 and the rest under the age of 27 would get $250. also stated that parents who are expecting their baby can also opt for this scheme, and they would be eligible to get the payment four months prior to the birth of the newborn. 

Sen. Joe Manchin also mentioned that work requirements will also be associated with the stimulus checks. In a statement by Romney, the population of America is facing a lot of problems in this pandemic time and hence the birth rate and marriage rate are very low. Moreover, the family support facility was not reformed for almost three decades and it affected numerous families which must be immediately changed.