Stimulus Check Four: A Distant Dream

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check four has gained significant momentum. The government of Joe Biden announced aid for the citizens. The American Rescue Plan was passed four months ago. The plan provided essential monetary funding to the common people. The main purpose of the program was to lessen the financial burden of the people. Most of the citizens have benefited heavily from the funding. But with each passing day, the demand for the fourth set of Stimulus Check is growing. 

America is experiencing a huge demand for a further round of checks. People have taken to the streets to ensure the fourth funding. A website has gathered almost 3million signatures. The pandemic has left the whole world in a state of trauma. America too is no exception. There have already been three checks issued by the parliament. The people of the US used them to cope up with the effects of a pandemic. Some spent the money to pay off their debts. Others added the fundings to boost their savings. 

However, the payments seem to have been exhausted. The economy of the country has taken a huge hit. This has made a huge impact on the residents of the country. Inflation has been on the rise as well. Let us take a detailed look at the possibilities of further funding. 

Stimulus Check: Federal Assistance Looks Faded 

America is currently going through a rough patch. The country is experiencing an acute level of unemployment at the moment. The percentage of people without a job is staggering. This has made the demands for more financial assistance go up. However with the federal government’s reluctance, here are a few alternatives.

Most of the states have agreed to provide stimulus checks. California, Texas, Florida, etc have sanctioned checks for the teachers. Families with children can cash in on the Child Tax Credit Benefits as well.