Stimulus Check News: Are The States Still Handing Out The Relief Payments?

stimulus check
stimulus check

If you are keeping hope for the stimulus check for the fourth time, please do not. The government is currently tied up with Biden’s budget and is showing no signs of reacting to the grassroots efforts made to plead Washington for more relief.

Some states are issuing their own stimulus checks for the residents which include one in the mail right now. 

We will talk about some of the places where you can go to pay down debt as the pandemic lingers.

Stimulus Check: Some Of The States That Are Providing Relief

Another round of payments is going out under California’s Golden State Stimulus II, which is part of its overall state stimulus package.

More than 9 million qualifying taxpayers will receive payments of $600 to $1,000. To qualify, a resident has to earn $75,000 or less.

Florida has been recognizing its teachers and staff for their dedication to education during the pandemic. It has been giving educators $1,000 checks to classroom teachers and principals.

New Mexico began providing stimulus checks in August to more than 4,000 low-income residents. Eligible residents are to receive up to $750 in emergency financial assistance.

The state Legislature set aside $5 million to give to people who weren’t eligible for federal stimulus checks.

Tennessee’s state legislature earlier this year passed a bill to give teachers hazard pay to show appreciation to educators during the pandemic.

While there’s no statewide program for COVID relief payments in Texas, some school districts are finding ways to pay their employees with stimulus checks in the form of bonuses.