Stimulus Check: California Aims At 1million Check Rollout

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check has been demanded for a long time. The citizens of America have been raising this request for a long time. It has almost been three months since the demands of the fourth round of stimulus checks have surfaced. The shutdown has affected the people of America greatly. Most of the people lost their jobs during that period. Many others were not being paid sufficiently. 

A couple of petitions were launched favoring the distribution of stimulus checks. One of the petitions has attracted a large number of engagements. The petition in question was initiated by a restaurant owner, Stephanie Bonin. The petition called for payments of $2000 monthly. It has now reached a total tally of 3million signatures.

Most of the families missed their rents and debts kept piling on. The rate of unemployment has spiked up alarmingly. This can compel the government towards a fourth stimulus check. However, the possibility of another round of stimulus checks looks bleak. In absence of federal checks, the matter has been taken up by the states. Most states have announced stimulus payments. California has been one such state. Let us look at what it has to offer. 

Stimulus Check For California Dispatched Today 

California is one of the first states to have announced financial aids. They are providing $600 to all Californians earning within $75000. Children are also aided with $500 under the Golden State Stimulus II project. This initiative has been highly praised by the citizens. 

Governor Gavin Newsom has planned to provide the money to almost everyone. Several rounds of stimulus checks have already been rolled out. The last of them were dispatched in early October. However, there will be more such checks in store for residents. The state aims at dispatching 1million checks today. This money will be provided to people who did not already benefit from the stimulus program yet.