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Stimulus Check Four Does Not Interest The Federal Government

Stimulus Check demands are rising with every passing day. There are several reasons the check has been requested vociferously. One of the main reasons is that most of the households are still struggling. The pandemic left a lasting impact on everyone. 

Most of the households are still finding ways to cope with the aftermath of the disaster. Most Americans have lost their jobs. Thus, managing the family has become tough. The Delta strain is once again threatening to cause a surge in the United States. 

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The recent weeks have recorded uncanny surges in covid cases. The rising infections have made the citizens seek financial shelter. However, despite the repeated appeals from the citizens, the federal government is not interested. 

Citizens can still take heart from the fact that States are coming to the rescue. Let us look at some of the projects taken up by the states. 

Stimulus Check Payments From The States 

In order to pursue the government in sanctioning a fourth stimulus check, a couple of petitions have been initiated. One out of the two petitions has gathered considerable mass. The proposed petition asks the government to provide a sum of $2000 per month. The petition can be viewed online at the “Change.Org” website. 

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In the absence of the federal government, most states have announced checks. California has announced the Golden State Stimulus II. This program aids people with $600 of financial help. Families having children will get $1100. 

States such as California, Florida, Georgia, etc are providing $1000 for all the teachers. These have been termed as “Thank You Checks”. This money will be provided to teachers as a sign of respect for their hard work. Apart from these payments, New York, Tennessee, Michigan, New Mexico have also sanctioned Stimulus Check. 

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