Stimulus Check: Citizens Get Desperate For Fourth Check

Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check has been provided by the government of America as financial aid. The policy provided by the government was aimed at eradicating acute financial stress. The administration of Joe Biden successfully helped the citizens in the dire times of pandemic. 

However, they only continued the assistance for three rounds. The first of the lot was called The Coronavirus Aid Relief. This plan provided a sum of $1200 to the citizens. The next payments worth $600 came in the month of December. Lastly, the American Rescue Plan entitled the citizens to a $1400 check. 

All these checks were not provided to everybody. The stimulus money had a condition on it. Individuals earning below $75000 annually would be able to claim the money. In the case of married couples, the earnings should be less than $150,000 per year. The money received from the stimulus check was used up pretty fast. 

Families paid off their outstanding rents and got rid of their debts. However, with the situation deteriorating once again, the demand for a fourth has been proposed. Let us take a detailed look at the current scenario below. 

Stimulus Check 4 Deciding Factors 

There have been a lot of reasons for the growing tension regarding the Stimulus Check. The present covid scenario is not at all bright in the country. The country is threatened by yet another wave of the deadly virus. A new variant of the virus is threatening to damage the country once more.

Such a scenario has instilled a sense of fear in people’s minds. They are rooting for stimulus checks from the government. Another huge reason for the call of the fourth round is unemployment. The rate of unemployment has hit an all-time high. The shutdown has caused a lot of individuals to lose their jobs. The rate of unemployed Americans stands at 5.2%. It remains to be seen how the federal government reacts.