Stimulus Check Alternative Found?

stimulus check
stimulus check

Stimulus Check for the fourth round will not be sanctioned anytime soon. The writing on the wall is pretty much evident. Despite a countrywide request for the fourth round of payments, the government has turned a deaf ear. The rising problem of unemployment has plagued America significantly. 

Most of the households have lost their jobs amidst the pandemic. The money provided by the federal government was not enough for long durations. Some families are struggling to even make their daily necessities. Under such circumstances, states have come up with a number of options. 

Most of the states in America have announced stimulus checks. These checks would definitely boost the morale of the residents. However, all these checks come along with a tag. All of them have eligibility criteria attached to them.

 Recent payments have been unveiled that will cater to the whole of the country. These payments, if true, would have a revolutionary impact on the economy. Let us learn more about the new payments below. 

Stimulus Check Like Joy For Americans

The new payments are known as UBI (Universal Basic Income). These payments provide stimulus check-like benefits. However, these are much easier to claim than the stimulus money. Under these types of assistance, every individual over a particular area will receive the same amount. 

The latest example of such payments can be found in Alaska. As many as 643,000 citizens have been rewarded with an annual check of $1114. Unlike these payments, stimulus checks fall under the guaranteed income category. Such payments are usually directed towards a particular group of people. 

South Carolina, Columbia have provided hundreds of fathers debit cards worth $500. These payments are expected to continue for a year. In the absence of a stimulus check from the government, such payments seem to be the way out.