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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Stimulus Check Update: Gavin Newsom Spends $480 Million

The current week has seen the state of California issuing around $2.33 billion in pandemic-related stimulus check aid, which also includes the GSS. The first round of these payments was delivered on the 5th of October in a much-required boost to those who have been struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic.

The payments which took place in the months of August and September took place through direct deposit. As it stands, around two-thirds of the California residents have been deemed eligible to get the cash, which is going to those citizens who have an annual earning below $75,000. 

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Golden State Stimulus Check Payments To Come Out This Week

On a whole, around 330,000 of the stimulus check payments will be sent through direct deposit, while 375,000 individuals would receive the payment through paper checks. Overall, close to 375,000 paper checks will be sent out in the next couple of weeks- something that was mentioned by Andrew LePage, a representative with the tax agency of the state.

LePage also warned that it could possibly take up to three weeks for the paper checks to come through after they are mailed- but recipients who have already signed for the payments to come through direct deposit should be seeing their payments by the 15th of October. 

While several families will be expecting to see a stimulus check payment of $600, most of them with eligible dependents could also receive up to $1,100. But the tax agency has stated that those who have filed their tax returns after the 20th of August will have to wait for 45 days before their payments are processed.  Also, the date when the residents should technically expect to receive their cash does depend on the last three digits of their zip code. 

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In order to track the stimulus check payment, or in order to get out some more information, the residents of the state can check out the MyFTB website where they will be able to contact a representative and get their queries answered. 

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