Stimulus Check Latest: Fresh Petition For Payment To Seniors, Delay In The Golden Check And More On The Child Tax Credit

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Tax Refund

A petition has gone out for another stimulus check exclusively for senior citizens that will support recipients of social security. The president of this group wrote to lawmakers to get a further $1,400, even as this group, like many other marginalized communities, struggled to afford basics, including food and rent.

With the fourth stimulus check a distant memory, many states have got their act together with a little help from the federal funds meant for helping people affected by the pandemic.

States To Give Their Version Of Stimulus Checks

California is sending out its 3rd round of stimulus checks this month, but there have been delays in receiving the payments through to the 9M eligible residents. It appears to be a mail issue.

Other states, too, have got into the act. Residents of Colorado who have received unemployment payments anytime from March to October this year got a check of $375.

Maryland has given its residents a check of $300 to people who filed through the EITC and an extra $200 to families who have filed their tax returns.

New York and New Mexico have provided their version of the stimulus check to undocumented workers and others who did not get any federal aid.

Teachers in Florida received $1,000 as a sign of thanks. An identical amount was received by first responders. Hawaii, Michigan, Georgia, and Tennessee will give out stimulus checks worth between $500 and $1,000 to teachers this year.

The Child Tax Credit has helped parents pay for their children’s expenses. This stimulus has used a tax deduction routine regularly used before filing taxes. The amount depends on the number and age of the children. The 4th installment of this stimulus check will reach beneficiaries on October 15.

If you have not filed your 2020 returns, you can still do so and receive your stimulus check. this is especially for those who were so far ineligible for the CTC or other federal checks.