Stimulus Check Update- Lawmakers Have Proposed A Payment Of $200

Stimulus check
Stimulus check

With the prices of gas setting records every day, a group of legislators in a state wants to provide the citizens with some stimulus check relief. A group of state senators of North Carolina has been proposing issuing every single licensed adult driver in the state with a one-time payment of $200 that would definitely apply towards the increase in gas prices.

In order to qualify, the person needs to be a licensed driver residing in the state, and should also be above the age of 18 on the 31st of March. To put this in perspective, the average price of a gallon of gas on a national front reached the price of $4.71 on Thursday.

Stimulus Check Payment To Be Issued From North Carolina 

The stimulus check brought out by the state, the Gas Tax Rebate Act of 2022, will be funded by spending around $1.3 billion of the roughly $4.241 billion kept in surplus revenue that would be collected through the state.

State Senator Michael Garrett, the Democratic representative from Greensboro stated that the proposal would be providing every driver in the state a gas tax rebate of $200, which was roughly the average a North Carolinian would have to pay in-state gas taxes from July all the way to December. This approach would also keep the Highway Fund and the Highway Trust fund whole, while also collecting revenue from non-residents that would pass through the roads of the state. 

It is being understood that if the stimulus check bill passes, it would definitely become effective from the 1st of July, and the rebates would start getting issued from the 1st of October.