Your Stimulus Check Might Be With The State

stimulus checks
Tax Refund

There are many ways you might be owed money by your state. If you are waiting for stimulus checks, tax refunds, and CTC payments, then the fact must come as a pleasant surprise for you. But how is that possible?

The Stimulus Checks Can Be Claimed Back

States are allowed to keep in possession uncashed stimulus checks, bonds, stocks, or your deposit box’s contents without charging any extra fee. At the same time, you are legally entitled to verify and claim the money as well without any extra charge.

It is hardly a secret. A lot of states even post it online. For example, right now, New York has about $17Bn worth of unclaimed property. California also recently reported an estimated $10.2Bn worth of unclaimed assets. It does not take long to check if there are any stimulus checks waiting to be claimed. Checking it will not even take 2 minutes. After that, claiming it will take a couple of more minutes. Then, usually, around 3 months later, you will have your hands on the money.

To check whether a state has any financial assets waiting to be claimed such as stimulus checks, visit the Administrators of the National Association of Unclaimed Property. There you can find official website links. On these websites, you can check for any unclaimed property state-wise, as well as the 4 US-occupied territories.

First, visit Then you can choose your state from the map or the drop-down list. Selecting it will send you to the official state page for unclaimed property. Claiming assets that are held, even for stimulus checks, differ from state to state. Some allow online claims, while others might ask for some documents to be mailed.