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This Unknown Stimulus Check Might Be Waiting For You

2021 has been sometimes called the stimulus check year. And there continues to be more evidence to support the name. There are the CTC that are already being sent out. For some, the amount is the same as getting another stimulus check. There is also another tax benefit that can provide such an amount – the Credit for Dependent and Child Care.

Very Few People Know About The Stimulus Check

The temporary expansion of the credit is only for 2021. The IRS explains that this stimulus check credit is a part of the money a taxpayer may have spent while caring for eligible people so that the taxpayer could engage in employment.

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This is one more stimulus check benefit that resulted from the stimulus law worth $1.9Tn passed in March. The 3rd stimulus payments worth $1400 were also in the law. Kiplinger reports that all families whose AGIs are below $125,000 will be eligible for the stimulus benefit, covering dependent and child care expenses. It will pay for half of the expenses that qualify. For families having AGIs more than $125,000 and less than $183,000, it will only cover 20%.

To claim this credit in the 2021 tax year, the IRS explained that taxpayers have to fill up Form number 2441. There are some more requirements as well which might confuse you, so one has to be careful. For example, the filers must show that they have an “earned income”. Married couples must file joint returns. Also, you will need to enter the personal details of any people employed to do the caring.

The tax benefit can get families a maximum of half of $8,000 spent on caring for children below 13, or other such dependents. An eligible family that is working can receive a maximum of $8,000 as a stimulus check from this tax benefit. 

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