Stimulus Check Money Arriving On 15th December

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check was sanctioned by the federal government in March. The coronavirus pandemic left the whole world devastated. Shutdowns were implemented all over the country. With America, it was no different. People ran into a frenzy as most of them lost their jobs. 

Daily workers and on-site employees suffered the most. A large number of citizens’ salaries were compromised. The economy took a sudden decline. To combat the adversities, monetary fundings were announced. Qualified citizens received the Stimulus Check which took the financial load off their shoulders.

IRS has rolled out three sets of Stimulus Checks so far. The first and the second round of payments were $600 & $1200 respectively. The final round was rolled out recently. The third check dispatched was $1400. All the qualified citizens received their money as direct deposits. Despite the strong requests and demands, the federal government made its stand very clear. After the third of the Stimulus Checks, the government seems to have been done and dusted. They have shown no interest in any further funding.

The pandemic has left the global economy in tatters. America has been no exception. Underpayment, loss of jobs were some common problems that plagued the residents. However, the last bit of stimulus checks for the year is yet to come. Let us find out how. 

Stimulus Check: Child Tax Credit Closes Out For The Year 

Child Tax Credit stimulus checks are ready to be dispatched. The money will be reaching the families that have one or more children. December will be the last of the checks for the year. Families earning less than $150000 per year will be receiving the money. 

Families having children below eighteen years will receive $250 per child. Kids under the age of seven years are entitled to $300.