Stimulus Check Needed Badly

stimulus checks

Stimulus Check demands saw a considerable rise in the last few days. People from all over America are rooting for the fourth round of stimulus payments. The government designed the program to provide funds to the people. These funds were supposed to stem the downfall of the economy. So far, three sets of checks have been issued.

These checks were designed and approved by the administration of Joe Biden. At a time, when America was facing the worst of situations, these aids provided relief. It helped stabilize the economy to a certain extent. The money also relieved the financial burden off the shoulders of common people. However, after the third check was delivered, there were no more checks. This made the people feel insecure.

The government sent three installments of the stimulus checks. However, they are no longer looking forward to providing any more financial relief. This has concerned the citizens very much. The Americans are wary of another wave of coronavirus. This has led people to want more money from the government. The people are concerned about another lockdown. A further shutdown will have a disastrous impact on the economy. All the people are pushing heavily for another set of payments.

Stimulus Check 4: Why Is It Needed?

Despite all the assistance, the citizens felt the need for further aids. Many citizens have reported struggling in their daily lives. The incomes of one-fourth of the citizens have gone down. The pandemic seems to have taken a toll on most of the families. Most of the money received has been used for paying the debts. Others used the money to add to their savings. There are still families struggling to meet the necessities. 

The unemployment scenario is also not very bright. The rate of unemployment has gone up drastically. A lot of people have lost their jobs and are trying to find new ones. All these circumstances have led the people to ask the government for more stimulus checks. However, as of now, the possibility looks bleak.