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Stimulus Check: New Payments Announced!

Stimulus Check announcement will make the Americans happier. As per the recent situations, no new checks seem to come. It seems the people of America have to be satisfied with what they got. There were three sets of payments rolled out by the IRS. The payments were divided into three installments- $1200, $600 & $1400 respectively. The last set of payments were dispatched recently. This happens to be the final check for the pandemic relief. Or so we thought?

There is still another check waiting to be pounced on! However, it comes with a certain catch. The payments will only be received by households that gave birth to a child this year. More details are discussed below. 

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Stimulus Check Money For The Newborn

The families that gave birth to babies this year just got their happiness doubled! A stimulus check of $1400 is waiting for them. Initially, all of us predicted that the third installment of the check would be the final one. It is indeed the final check as of now for the majority f the citizens. However, the new $1400 payment will be entitled to the families that gave birth to newborn babies during the year. 

For the money to be received, households need to qualify for two rules. Single parents need to earn under $75000 annually to receive the money. In the case of couples, the annual earnings are capped at $150000. This is the highest earning ceiling that will fetch you an amount of $1400. Families earning above the range will still receive the payments. However, there will be a significant reduction in the amount of funding provided. Households earning above $80000(singles) & $160000(couples) will not be eligible for the check. 

Apart from the new stimulus check, the Child Tax Credit money will also be received as usual. It will continue every month till the end of the year. 

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