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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Stimulus Check Petitions Seems To Be A Hit

Stimulus Check petitions have become viral over time. As the days pass by, the demands for recurring payments increase. Petitions and letters have been hurled at the government. Despite reluctance from the government, the petitions did not lose their momentum. The people continue to support them. Keeping in mind the current covid situation in the country, a new check is indeed needed. There have been two major petitions that have gained particular momentum. The petition introduced by Rep. Ilhan Omar has been backed by several lawmakers. Another online petition has gained vast support from the people. Let us look into the details of both the petitions. 

Stimulus Check Unlikely Despite Strong Push

Rep.Ilhan Omar has extended support for the common people. The petition designed by Omar asks for monthly payments from the government. The bill claims for a payment of $1200 for every adult. This payment is expected to be continued till the end of the pandemic. Children are entitled to receive $600 as aids. This bill has been signed by several legislators. Pramila Jayapal, Jamaal Bowman, Dwight Evans & Cori Bus have supported the cause. 

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Another petition was introduced online by Stephanie Bonin. She is the owner of a restaurant in Denver. The bill can be viewed at Change.Org. This petition asks for the provision of $2000 per month for the people of America. A large number of people have backed this particular petition. Till now, the bill has been signed by close to 3million citizens. 

Despite the strong pushes, the likeliness of another Stimulus Check is bleak. The government does not seem too interested in further fundings. The petition of Omar has remained stagnant with the backing of only four legislators. The government is looking forward to increasing the rate of vaccination. This would normalize the situation rapidly. 

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