Stimulus Check News: How To Be Eligible And How To Opt-Out

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Stimulus checks worth $6,300 are being dispatched out at the Morehouse School of Medicine.

A new stimulus check is coming in the USA, but only to the students of one higher education center in Atlanta. The Morehouse School of Medicine has announced plans to send stimulus checks of $6,300 to its students, using funding that was made thanks to the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.

Valerie Montgomery Rice, the school president, spoke about how happy she was to announce that the school would provide financial assistance to its students which will help them take care of their essentials.

How To Be Eligible For This Stimulus Check?

The grant is available to the more than 750 students enrolled at the Morehouse School of Medicine. As long as they are currently studying for a degree, they can access this unique financial support.

These payments might be sent out this week, however, you can expect a delay to it. This is because the federal department officials want to review the plans. Once they have completed this process, the checks should be sent out.

The Morehouse School of Medicine case is quite unique, but it’s not the only one. The Meharry Medical School in Nashville recently announced it would give its more than 900 students $10,000 each.

If you are receiving this money, you won’t be able to spend it on just anything. This money should be used for purchasing products that will help you complete your degree and take care of other needs like food, childcare, housing, healthcare, and transportation.