Stimulus Check Payment Coming In February Of 2023

stimulus check
stimulus check

Just the previous year, the inflation rate managed to reach historic levels in the country. With the rise in prices, there has been a number of government institutions that have been issuing stimulus check payments as inflation relief for hard-working Americans.

While the inflation rate has definitely gone down in the last couple of months, the support for such checks is still rising. In the state of California, the Middle-Class Tax Rebate will be received by a certain section of the population who haven’t yet received it. One should ideally check the Middle-Class Tax Refund web portal for payment dates and more information. 

Stimulus Check Payment Coming In February

In the state of Hawaii, the residents who had an annual earning below $100,000 in 2021, or $200,000 when filing jointly, will be receiving a one-time tax refund of around $300. Individuals who went on to earn more than $100,000 and couples who had an earning above $200,000 would also qualify for a payment of $100.

The direct deposit for these payments was initiated at the end of August, however, the taxpayers who filed for the state tax returns of 2021 between the 31st of July and the 31st of December 2022 will be receiving a direct deposit of up to 10 weeks after the tax department accepts your return, or 12 weeks if you have requested for a physical check. 

In the state of Idaho, the Governor of the state Brad Little went on to authorize the submission of $600 stimulus check tax refunds. The payments for these did start in September but then continued into early 2023 as the taxpayers filed for their returns and were then eligible to receive a refund.