Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Work At Dunkin’ Drive-Thru For Super Bowl Ad

Ben Affleck

Since it is well-documented that Ben Affleck runs on coffee, there was no other person who could have been hired in his place to act in a commercial that was aired during Super Bowl LVII. The ad showed Affleck donning the iconic uniform of the coffee place, from his head in a visor to the T-shirt that shows the motto, “America runs on Dunkin.”

For the ad, Affleck also put on a Boston accent, which is what he used to take the customers’ orders through a headset. Jennifer Lopez, the wife of the Argo star, also appeared as a consumer who pulled up to the window of the drive-thru. In a particularly hilarious fashion, J-Lo appears to be angry that her husband works at a Dunkin’ when he claims to be at work every day. 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Have Been Acting In Their First Ever Super Bowl Ad

There were several pictures of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez which made the rounds on social media of them being on the set for the ad the previous month. Quite a lot of patrons of Medford, Massachusetts, did find themselves to be quite lucky enough to have the movie star be their server for the day.

Lisa Mackey, one of the customers, went on to share an Instagram picture of Affleck doing his job- where she thanked him and his singer-wife for the coffee they gave her in the morning. Mackey also went on to describe Affleck as “quick-witted and funny” to NBC10 Boston, while confirming that the crew had informed her that a commercial was in development. 

After the photos started getting viral, several users on Twitter joked that Ben Affleck had never looked as happy as he did while serving coffee. Fletcher Peters, an entertainment reporter, tweeted that no one had ever seen the Batman star smile so hard while working in movies. He further tweeted that the man definitely needed to quit his job and start latching up shifts at Dunkin’. There have been reports that it was Talent Resources that had played quite a key role in executing the negotiations of Dunkin with Lopez and Affleck for their first-ever Super Bowl campaign.